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As much as that line kills me, it’s so relevant

As much as that line kills me, it’s so relevant


Having to refer to actors by character names for your family


8:45, 8:52, 8:59




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I really want the last one really bad

I swear I’ll bring this up like: ” Let’s have sex on the raft in the lake. you can invite 5 others.”

Demi Lovato for YOU magazine.


boys r so weak. boys r some pathetic shit. if u punch me in the boob my boob will still b able to sustain life for a new fuckin human. my boob can sustain the human race. if i kick u boys hard enough in the nuts u will never reproduce. ur genetic line is over bub. one well placed stiletto and u are getting shitty half-assed boners and no babies 4 life. who has the power son. who owns u. girls own u. i own u punk. sit down


a troll in any universe


a troll in any universe



Apparently my little brother was watching porn on my older brother’s Netflix account so he wouldn’t get caught but plot twist my older brother was doing the same thing with my younger brother’s account and now they’re both grounded and I’m the only one allowed on Netflix


wait there’s PORN on netflix?

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